Officially Anne Ayu

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Best Day

About My Birthday on 27 Nov 2010

27 Nov this year give me so much fun with my beloved family & boyfiee . Nahh , its very makes me surprise ! I've got birthday gift from my mom & my baby boy . And tak lupa wehh , birthday wishes kwn2 kt FB either knl or tak knl sgt lah dhrgai . A whole day on 27 nov this year i keep smile on my face . Haihh happy gilak bhabhi lahh :P

Here I put some of my pict with birthday gift 

Gift from my beloved Mama 

Heee , 3 slices cakes from my mom & this beautiful dress <3

I take some slice cake , and eat eat eat . Yeahh ! 

Nahh , I give you some also lahh . Enjoy to eat this marvelous cake bebeh :P

Gift from my beloved Boyfie 

Heyy look , portrait of me . Hee nice kan ? My baby boy yg tempah bnda alah neh . Suka sgt ohh <3

Guess what inside this wrapping paper ? Nahh , musicbox sayang ! Hee so sweet lah my baby boy . Aww :D

 Then guess what every sweet word in this birthday card ? Hee rahsia lah ! Tp mmg best lah ayat dlm card neh . Power jgak my baby boy mengayat . Bca smpai TERmenangis kott . Hihih c(:

Okay , both of these my birthday gift from my baby boy sgt lah dihargai . And all of these birthday gift that I got on my birthday this year , I will keep with proper forever & ever . Thank you so much Mama & Bie sayang :')

P/S : Next year na mcm neh lg tau ? Suka lah dpt surprise . Hee :D