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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Performing 1000 guitarist , Malaysia Book Of Records

20th-25th Nov 2010 

On this date , aku & MMC crew club joined event performing 1000 guitarist . Practice kt UKM and last day perform kt Bukit Jalil on 25th Nov time perasmian Festival Malaysia Inovatif . Sumpa enjoy gla ! Hah yg klaka time 1st day lah , 20th Nov . Mcm bdo , smua yg dh bg nma ta jd na join . Msig2 ada hal . Last2 aku ngn Mat berkeras na join jgak bnda alah neh even ta rmai yg ada time 1st day na pegi UKM . Dah lahh aku , Zareef  & Aza je bertiga naik bus yg bole memuatkn 40 org penumpang . Lawak lah shiall . HAHA . Then bru Along , Yaya & Mimi dtg after bbrp mnit ktorg smpai kt UKM . Yg aku igt , 1st day yg ada pn , aku , Yaya , Along , Mimi , Zareef , Aza , Pipi , Mat & Afif . Then next day mkin rmai budak2 MMC lain yg join . Haihh at last , enjoy gla . Smua jd 1 kpla . Haiyahhh , kecoh ! :P

My Best Day

About My Birthday on 27 Nov 2010

27 Nov this year give me so much fun with my beloved family & boyfiee . Nahh , its very makes me surprise ! I've got birthday gift from my mom & my baby boy . And tak lupa wehh , birthday wishes kwn2 kt FB either knl or tak knl sgt lah dhrgai . A whole day on 27 nov this year i keep smile on my face . Haihh happy gilak bhabhi lahh :P

Hello Baby Boy

In LOVE with you MHH

In this pict above , for sure lah my baby boy kann . Totally fall in LOVE with him for now . The best guy I ever had :) Always make me happy & smile every single day with more surprise . Thank you LOVE . I really appreciate whatever things you've done for me sayang . Gla terharu . Sobb sobb :'D

Intro Blogger

Hey Peeps !

Hey blogger , i'm a new blogger here . Act interested na buat blog neh psl mls na buat diary bertulis . Penat na tulis , menaip lg okay kot . Hee . Memandangkan masih bru , nthng interesting on my blog fr now . Insya'Allah if dh mkin pro nnt , mkin bnyk bnda yg best i will put on my blog yeah . So just wait , wait  & wait smpai lebam . Ahaks ! :P